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New Zealand Plant Protection 69 (2016): 278-284

Assessment of indoxacarb for control of Fuller’s rose weevil (Naupactus cervinus) in New Zealand apple orchards

P.W. Shaw and D.R. Wallis


A field spray trial and laboratory bioassay on the residual activity of indoxacarb (Avaunt®) against Fuller's rose weevil (FRW, Naupactus cervinus) were carried out. Plots in a block of 'Cox's Orange Pippin' apples with FRW were sprayed with indoxacarb by airblast sprayer in November or mid-December 2014. There were no significant differences between the indoxacarb treatments, but both treatments significantly reduced feeding damage on leaves compared with damage in untreated plots. In a bioassay to assess residual activity of indoxacarb, FRW on treated apple leaves ceased feeding and became moribund or died up to 98 days after the spray application. FRW exposed to treated leaves ceased feeding earlier and died sooner than on untreated leaves. Indoxacarb is registered for use in pipfruit to control leafroller and codling moth, but does not have a label claim in New Zealand for use against FRW. These results indicate the potential effectiveness of indoxacarb against FRW.

Keywords: indoxacarb, Fuller's rose weevil, Naupactus cervinus, apple.

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