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New Zealand Plant Protection 68 (2015): 212-217

Feeding and oviposition by Argentine stem weevil on EpichloŽ uncinata-infected, loline-containing Festulolium

G.M. Barker, B.J. Patchett, T.J. Gillanders, G.S. Brown, S.J.Y. Montel and N.E. Cameron


Responses of adult Argentine stem weevil to meadow fescue-perennial ryegrass hybrids, known as Festulolium, infected with the endophyte EpichloŽ uncinata were investigated and compared with endophyte-free Grasslands Wana cocksfoot and Grasslands Samson perennial ryegrass, and with Samson infected with wild type and AR37 strains of EpichloŽ festucae var. lolii. EpichloŽ uncinata infection in the Festulolium seed-line reduced oviposition but not feeding compared with an endophyte-free seedline of the same plant genotype in Petri dish leaf-comb and potted plant assays. Feeding on Festulolium was similar to that on endophyte-free Samson but higher than on Samson infected with wild type and AR37 endophytes. In these experiments, the numbers of eggs laid on E. uncinata-infected plant material was similar to that on Samson perennial ryegrass infected with wild type and AR37 endophytes, but lower than on endophyte-free Samson.

Keywords: forage grasses, Listronotus bonariensis, host plant resistance, fungal endophyte.

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