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New Zealand Plant Protection 68 (2015): 38-43

Comparison of spray dose measured on leaf surfaces with spray coverage estimated from KromekoteŽ paper

R.L. Roten, R.J. Connell, A.J. Hewitt and S.J.R. Woodward


The control of tomato potato psyllid largely depends on effective application of pesticides. This paper presents an experiment to measure deposition using leaf washing of spray containing water and rhodamine dye on a potato canopy. The treatments included conventional boom, canopy submerged DropSprayŽ combination, electrostatic spraying system (both engaged and disengaged) and air-assisted rotary atomizer. During the same experiment the quality of coverage was measured using KromekoteŽ paper. Comparison of both sampling methods illustrated a rapid decrease of deposited material as it descended through the canopy. The leaf washing indicated more deposition within the canopy with the DropSprayŽ unit and a sampler difference when the electrostatics either were engaged analysis of spray dose on real leaves and its position affected the results. Finally, novel spray technologies gave better deposition to the undersides of leaves.

Keywords: tomato-potato psyllid, coverage, pesticide dose, sprayer technology.

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