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New Zealand Plant Protection 66 (2013): 259-263

Codling moth (Cydia pomonella) mating disruption outcomes in apple orchards

J.T.S. Walker, P.L. Lo, R.M. Horner, N.M. Park, J.G. Hughes and T.M. Fraser


New Zealand apple growers need to produce crops that satisfy conflicting export market requirements. Some markets want pest-free fruit, while others demand residue-free fruit. Pheromone mating disruption combined with the judicious use of insecticides enables crops to meet both demands. This study in 14 Hawke's Bay apple orchards showed that seasonal pheromone trap catch was reduced by 70%, from 40.1 codling moths/trap in the season before mating disruption was introduced to 11.7 moths/trap over the subsequent five seasons. In the same period, insecticide use reduced from 5.9 applications/season in 2006- 07 to 2.3 in 2007-08 and 3.7 since 2008-09. The incidence of larvae in fruit where mating disruption operated averaged 0.01%, which was lower than in orchards using insecticides only. Damage increased from 2008-09 with greater reliance on codling moth granulosis virus over residual insecticides. Nevertheless, mating disruption with 3-4 insecticide sprays controlled codling moth to the high standard needed.

Keywords: codling moth, mating disruption, trap catch, insecticides.

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