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New Zealand Plant Protection 60 (2007): 259-263

The effectiveness of two brushing systems for post harvest disinfestation of kiwifruit

P.S. Stevens and C.E. McKenna


The presence of some insect and mite species on kiwifruit at harvest can cause quarantine problems in some overseas markets. There is potential to remove these passenger pests using physical handling methods, such as the fruit brushing systems that are currently used in packhouses. The abilities of two types of post harvest brushing systems to remove surface dwelling insects and mites from kiwifruit were compared. Bins of naturally infested fruit were passed through two contrasting post harvest brushing systems and levels of infestations subsequently compared with unbrushed fruit. Both brushing systems removed more than 85% of Collembola, thrips, mites and small beetles. However, armoured scale insects were not removed, and a relatively low proportion of whirly-gig mite (Anystis baccarum) cocoons was removed. There were no significant differences between the two brushing systems.

Keywords: kiwifruit, disinfestation, post harvest brushes, passenger pests.

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