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New Zealand Plant Protection 60 (2007): 146-151

The phenology of Cydia succedana on gorse in Canterbury

C.R. Sixtus, R.R. Scott and G.D. Hill


The phenology of Cydia succedana, an introduced seed-feeder of Ulex europaeus, was investigated. Pheromone traps were set out at McLeans Island, Christchurch, a warm, lowland site and Hinewai Reserve, Banks Peninsula, a cool, upland site, to observe the phenology of C. succedana at two different altitudes and climatic conditions. Moth populations were estimated by the mean number of male moths caught in the traps. The phenology of C. succedana was synchronised with the first U. europaeus flowering in spring-summer. Significantly more male moths were captured at McLeans Island from October 2002 to February 2003.

Keywords: Ulex europaeus gorse, Cydia succedana, gorse pod moth, phenology, pheromone trap.

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