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New Zealand Plant Protection 54 (2001): 157-161

Cross-resistance in chlorsulfuron-resistant chickweed (Stellaria media)

S. Seefeldt, E. Peters, M.L. Armstrong and A. Rahman


In New Zealand chlorsulfuron-resistant chickweed was discovered in 1995. Experiments were conducted in the field and glasshouse to determine whether these resistant plants were also cross- and multiple-resistant to other herbicides normally effective on chickweed. A population of chlorsulfuron-resistant chickweed growing in an oat crop near Winton in the South Island was treated with 13 different herbicides. This population was not controlled by mecoprop, methabenzthiazuron and pendimethalin, and only partially controlled by bromoxynil + ioxynil, diflufenican + isoproturon and diflufenican + bromoxynil in the field trial. Two followup glasshouse experiments using plants grown from seeds harvested from the surviving plants confirmed cross-resistance to thifensulfuron and susceptibility to all the other herbicides, including tribenuron.

Keywords: herbicide resistance, Stellaria media, chlorsulfuron, thifensulfuron, cross-resistance.

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