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Proceedings of the NZ Plant Protection Conference 52 (1999): 259-263

The effects of Neotyphodium endophytes in tall fescue on pasture mealy bug (Balanococcus poae)

C. Pennell and O.J.-P. Ball


The effect of different Neotyphodium endophyte strains in novel and natural tall fescue (Festuca arundinacea) associations on pasture mealy bug (Balanococcus poae) was investigated under grazing. All of the endophyte-infected tall fescue treatments had significantly lower numbers of mealy bugs compared to an endophyte-free control. Resistance to pasture mealy bug was maintained in novel associations free of the mammalian toxin ergovaline. Point analysis revealed that endophyte-free plots contained less tall fescue herbage than endophyte infected treatments. This paper raises the possibility that the pasture mealy bug was responsible.

Keywords: Endophyte, Neotyphodium, pasture mealy bug, Balanococcus poae, tall fescue.

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