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Proceedings of the NZ Plant Protection Conference 52 (1999): 240-244

Pasture tolerance to the herbicide metsulfuron-methyl

T.K. James, A. Rahman and M.J. Cornwell


Trials were carried out in spring and autumn at two locations in New Zealand to measure the effects of metsulfuron-methyl on pasture production and composition. Metsulfuron-methyl at 3-12 g/ha resulted in 20-45% loss of herbage production. This was particularly evident for two months after spraying, with no significant reduction in dry matter yield 3 months after treatment in spring. The effect on pasture composition was more persistent. Metsulfuron-methyl, along with clopyralid and picloram + 2,4-D completely removed the clover for the three month duration of the trial. The consequences of broadcast application of these herbicides in pasture need to be considered in the context of the overall farming system.

Keywords: metsulfuron-methyl, tribenuron, clopyralid, picloram+ 2,4-D, pasture tolerance.

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