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Proceedings of the NZ Plant Protection Conference 52 (1999): 228-233

Influence of surfactant mixtures on cuticular uptake of glyphosate into grasses

Z.Q. Liu and J.A. Zabkiewicz


The uptake of glyphosate into wheat and two grass species in the presence of surfactants varied with surfactant structure, ethylene oxide (EO) content and concentration. A synergistic uptake enhancement into wheat and barnyard grass was observed when an aliphatic amine surfactant was mixed with either an alcohol or octylphenol nonionic surfactant with different EO content, at equivalent concentration. The effect of an amine+alcohol surfactant mixture on glyphosate uptake into wheat and ryegrass was compared with commercial glyphosate formulations.

Keywords: surfactant mixture, glyphosate, uptake, grass, ethylene oxide.

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