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Proceedings of the NZ Plant Protection Conference 52 (1999): 199-202

Laboratory assessment of damage to swede, Brassica napus rapifera, by wheat bug, Nysius huttoni

X.Z. He and Q. Wang


Wheat bug (Nysius huttoni White) damage to swede (Brassica napus rapifera Metzger) seedlings was assessed in the laboratory. Wheat bug preferred stems to petioles and leaves for feeding, resulting in the damaged seedlings wilting and dying after heavy feeding. The degree of damage to swede seedlings increased with the development of stages from juvenile instars to adult, with adults usually causing death of the whole plant irrespective of insect gender. Increasing the density from 15, 30 to 50 wheat bug individuals significantly increased the severity of damage to the seedlings.

Keywords: wheat bug, Lygaeidae, Nysius huttoni, damage, swede, Brassica napus rapifera.

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