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Managing Wilding Conifers in New Zealand: Present and Future

Managing Wilding Conifers in New Zealand: Present and Future

Edited by R.L. Hill, S.M. Zydenbos and C.M. Bezar (2004)
ISBN 0-478-10842-7

There is growing recognition that wilding conifers have the potential to change our landscape and adversely affect land-use value. This volume considers the economic and environmental importance of wilding conifers in New Zealand, whether current control strategies and methods are adequate to manage the spread of wilding trees, and whether biological control is a feasible option given the risk of vectoring diseases such as pine pitch canker.

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pdf Wilding conifers - New Zealand history and research background
N.J. Ledgard   pp. 1-25
pdf Wilding conifer control: how important is it relative to other conservation actions?
R.T.T. Stephens   pp. 27-39
pdf A forestry industry view of wilding conifers and options for their control
W.J. Dyck   pp. 41-44
pdf Responsibilities of local government in wilding conifer management
R.G. Bowman   pp. 45-53
pdf The highs and lows of wilding conifer control operations: the good, the bad and the ugly!
D.C. Woods   pp. 55-63
pdf Is biological control an option for the management of wilding pines (Pinus spp.) in New Zealand?
E.G. Brockerhoff, J.H. Hoffmann and A. Roques   pp. 65-78
pdf Pitch canker - the threat to New Zealand
M.A. Dick, G.P. Horgan and J. Bain   pp. 79-95
pdf Could biological control of wilding pines increase the potential for damage by the pitch canker pathogen?
A.J. Storer, D.L. Wood and T.R. Gordon   pp. 97-111
pdf Prospects for biological control of wilding pines in South Africa: are we barking up the wrong tree?
J.H. Hoffmann, A. Roques, G. Roux-Morabito and C. Lennox   pp. 113-122
pdf Concluding comments: wilding conifers - where to from here?
R.L. Hill   pp. 123-126

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