NZPPS Travel Award

Travel Award funds amounting $2,500 are to be used at the discretion of the successful applicant, including use for conference attendance, and/or training, either nationally or internationally.


Application process

  1. Download an application form.
  2. Applications must be received by the secretary by 1 July, being just over a month before the annual conference.
  3. A subcommittee from the NZPPS executive screens out any application forms not meeting eligibility criteria above and decides on up to 10 finalists. When there are more than 10 eligible applications, the finalists are be decided on the basis of benefits to New Zealand plant protection, with preference for those applicants who have had less opportunity for travel in previous years.
  4. At the annual NZPPS conference dinner, the names of the finalists are placed in a hat and the NZPPS president randomly draws the winner. The recipient does not need to be present at the dinner in order to receive the award.

For enquiries, contact the secretary.

Past recipients